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Bharuch Ankleshwar Urban Development Authority (BAUDA)

Government of Gujarat has constituted a Bharuch Ankleshwar Urban Development Authority (BAUDA) vide notification no GH/V/4 of 2012/UDA-1909-1218-L dated on 7-01-2012 by amalgamating the function and jurisdiction of Bharuch Area Development Authority and Ankleshwar Area Development Authority. The jurisdiction of BAUDA is spread over 89 villages (55 Villages of Bharuch and 34 Villages of Ankleshwar Taluka) besides the two town areas of Bharuch and Ankleshwar. Total area under BAUDA is 635 Sq. km.

Real estate development in the area has been on hold in both the cities and 87 villages since January 7, 2011 when BAUDA was constituted by the state government and all the permissions for conversion into non-agricultural land and new construction were stalled. Sale and purchase of more than 10,000 homes in both the cities were affected as no-sale deed has been executed in the absence of title clearance.


Facilitate a systematic, inclusive, environmentally and socially sustainable development of the planning area incorporating the wide ranging needs, concerns and aspirations of its citizens, existing industries, as well as incorporate the requirements and impacts of adjoining spatial and industrial developments such as DMIC,GPCPSIR, Dahej Port. BAUDA’s plan to broadly reflect the growing global concerns over environment , pollution and sustainability, encouraging green and compact development , efficient land and resource use, lower automobile use , waste management, restoration of natural systems , good housing and living environment, a healthy social ecology, community participation and preservation local culture, natural and built heritage.

  • Suggest measures for planned development
  • Curb unauthorized construction and nonconforming land use through specific and non-ambiguous Development Control Regulation.
  • Proposals for residential, commercial, industrial, heritage conservation, housing, traffic and transportation.
  • Planning for adequate infrastructure in the urban areas for improved quality of life
  • Suggest measures to avoid adverse impact of industrialization on environment
  • Plan with public participation through workshops, seminars etc.
Key Schemes
  • SJMMSVY (Swarnim Jayanti Mukhymantri Saheri Vikas Yojana) : The main objective of the Scheme is to provide Basic Infrastructural Facilities in urban areas.
  • Nirmal Gujarat Shauchalay Yojana : The main objective of the Scheme is to facilitate the urban poor with the subsidy for the construction of the toilets.
  • Kailashdham Yojana : The objective of the scheme is to modernize the cremation centers in municipal areas with Electrical /Gas based facilities.
  • Mission Manglam (Urban) Scheme : The Scheme helps the poor urban Self help Groups and "Sakhi Mandals" by linking them with the banks for easy and speedy financial assistance.
  • National Urban Livelihood Mission : The Scheme is improved version of "Swarnajayanti Saheri Rojgar Yojana" and known as National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM). The main objective of the scheme is to provide employment to skilled & unskilled urban poor.